Business Line focused on technological solutions development to improve supply chain productivity

Combining ingenuity and mexican talent to develop new technologies with the purpose of offering integral and sustainable solutions oriented to innovate, cost efficiency, safety, environmental care through design and special developments that generate added value.
Software Factory Domotics / Apps/ Digital Catalogues

We develop Software / Hardware and digital platforms according to your needs.

Road Safety Devices

We manufacture intelligent devices focused on the prevention and safety of your drivers.
- Speed ​​Controller
- Reverse Alarm
- Reverse Camera
- Hand Held Alarm
- Hand Held Charger
- Safety Belt Alarm
- Daylight Device

Control & Automatization

We develop technological and innovative solutions that improve your productivity according to your objectives.

SMT Cards Manufacture

We assemble assembly circuits for commercial and / or customized electronic cards according to your need.
We handle automotive grade quality.